The post office requires one for each person receiving mail. This is not a change of address, it only gives us permission to recieve your mail.
It will be a street that will read: Your Name
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #????: Las Vegas , NV 89107
A Small Box averages 3 pieces a day and can have up to 3 names including yourself. Medium averages 4 pieces a day and up to 5 names. Large averages 6 pieces a day and 7 names. We can handle more mail at the large price under certain circumstances, just ask us.
Yes. As your business grows or you add more businesses, your box can grow without changing the box #
Yes. We would love to meet you. Although to pickup your mail it will be $2. This is how we justify the mail online service.
No Problem. You can set up a regular interval forwarding or call us anytime. We are always ready to help.
Yes. Put all your letters in an envelope and address the envelope to us with a note. We will do this for you at no cost.
You can, but you will be charged $2 each time you pick it up and won't have 24 hr. access. If you pickup your mail only once a week this is still very affordable.
Yes you can do it yourself. START HERE and stop paying state income taxes and protect your families assets.